As I consider my city, on the brink of true springtime. As I consider moving back to LA.
  1. The feeling where you run into someone you know on the subway (and you love them)
    And the world feels like the most magical place.
  2. The feeling when you run into someone you know on the subway (and you don't love them)
    And you feel like the world is doing this to spite you, and you consider running away, but you are ashamed, and you do not. So you ignore the person. Or they ignore you. Or you say hello and you ride the whole time together even though you hate it, and then you consider getting off early and taking the next train, but you're running late, so you just stand there.
  3. That time I was walking across the Williamsburg bridge in the spring
    And I my friend Leah happened to be walking across it from the other direction, at the exact same time, and we ran into one another in the middle of the bridge and threw our arms around each other, and decided it was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to either of us.
  4. That feeling at night where you are walking into a construction tunnel because they've killed the sidewalk, and you are in too much of a rush to cross the street
    And you get nervous because you don't know who's going to be in there. And then you start wondering about whether you will get mugged. And then you start convincing yourself that New York is very safe. And then you remember that people still get mugged all the time. So you walk quickly. And there is nobody in there. And you are fine.
  5. When the first really warm day happens after the winter, and the sundresses come out
    And everyone is the most beautiful person you have ever seen, and everyone is so pasty and everyone is so happy and nice to each other, and the thick fog of depression is sliced right off the top of your neighborhood and everyone is like LEGS! LEGS! LEGS!
  6. When you have had one really warm day but spring hasn't actually come yet, and today it is cold
    And you want to crawl into your hole and never come out. And everyone is angry and sad. And the guy at the bodega starts telling you about his fantasy of moving to California.
  7. When you see a homeless person with their foot out, doing something to their toes
    And you are like, oh my god that person is shooting up, oh crap they are really doing that right here, oh shit. And then you realize they don't have a syringe, they have a knife. And you are like PHEW, they are just cutting their toe nails. That was scary for a minute.
  8. That feeling when you see a person carrying their stroller up the subway stairs
    And you feel so bad for them. And you feel dread because maybe someday that will be you and it looks so hard. And you try to help them. And then you question their judgement because they are letting a stranger help carry their baby. And then you realize that you will probably do the same thing one day.
  9. When you walk into the subway and it smells funny
    And you realize there is a piece of human poop on every stair. Someone has been very thorough.
  10. When the guy at the pizza place remembers you
    Dreams really do come true👌🍕👯🎉