This list was inspired by @IkeBarinholtz. These are all things I actually heard said aloud.
  1. (Proudly) "It's all styrofoam. The entire facade is made from styrofoam."
    Only in Vegas is this an ok thing to brag about.
  2. "I'm so excited!!!"
    This happened all the time, weirdly, and consistently was said without sarcasm.
  3. "I've got some soothing moisturizer if you want."
  4. "I like your freckles; freckles on grown-ups are the best." "Hahaha I'm a grown-up?!?"
    (I guess not.)
  5. "Look, it's a real Blizzard of Dollars."
    It was.
  6. "All you need is money."
    Philosophy game in Vegas is on fleek.