1. At my audition, the first thing the director said to me was "I held you as an infant."
    Didn't really know he was friends with my parents.
  2. Ran into @rightordoyle at Green Symphony
    Obviously this was the best. Magic human.
  3. Had a great class with a teacher I admire and respect and it was invigorating!
    There's a particular kind of satisfaction from doing the thing that is both fun and also good for you. I love being in class. And this one has so many talented people in it, and such good vibes.
  4. I had an epiphany about sitcoms
    We broke down an awesome clip from Friends in class, and now I actually feel like I understand what they were doing! Wow, that is a crazy kind of job. And holy shit, Jennifer Aniston is a genius; I wish she still did this kind of comedy.
  5. Eating Chinese food (my favorite) and watching Runaway Bride now.
    Have an early call tomorrow so I'm spending the night in. MY GOD this movie is sexist. But I am loving watching it?? String beans and Julia Roberts, yes please!