Everyone should do themselves a favor and go see this movie. It is wonderful. (Plus @mindy is in it and she is fantastic!) I really loved it. And I really let that show. Apologies to the random girl who was on my right...
  1. frequent gasping at plot twists
  2. saying, out loud, "oh no"
    maybe more than once?
  3. laughing a lot, sometimes being the only one in the theater to do so
    for the record, everybody was laughing, i think they all loved it too
  4. saying, out loud, "ooh pretty"
  5. sniffling in the sad parts
  6. saying, out loud, "don't do that!"
    everyone in the theater loved me
  7. having difficulty refraining from jumping up and down in my seat with joy
    maybe no one noticed??
  8. saying, out loud, "oh no, the magic beans!"
    *not a spoiler
  9. staying to the very end of the credits
    so good and thoughtful, to the last drop
  10. saying, in my head, "thank you" when it ended