Some things you just need to carry with you.
  1. This Lyft driver's face
  2. Self-explanatory
  3. 🙌🏽 Art by Phoebe Wahl
  4. Spirit animal
  5. This line from The Mindy Project that @mindy says to her gynecologist
  6. Very important biscuit recipe somebody posted on listapp (don't remember who!)
  7. Ok I might delete this one, sorry @legalizepuss.y
  8. Best Halloween costume goes to Rachel Etheredge, for "Popline Bling."
  9. This Margaret Atwood poem @Lenny posted
  10. That time it seemed like my boyfriend was in the crossword
  11. Other spirit animal
  12. This poem by Nayyirah Waheed
  13. I legitimately have no idea what is happening here
  14. That time Prez. Obama said his favorite tv show was The Knick
  15. Obviously