I visited the ListApp offices today. It was the first time I have met anybody affiliated with ListApp IRL. This is how it went:
  1. Excitement
    A week ago: I realize I can squeeze in a visit on my brief trip to LA. I am so excited to meet everyone who is making this magic place on the Internet!
  2. Anxiety
    This morning: I forget why I wanted to go/ I remember I have social anxiety.
  3. Arrival
    The ListApp HQ is walking distance from my parents house.
  4. Awkwardness
    Did I mention I have lots of social anxiety? This makes me clam up.
  5. Delight
    Everybody at ListApp is just as sweet, funny, handsome, and generous as you hoped they would be.
  6. Offense
    Pretty sure I accidentally offended @bjnovak when I suggested Gjusta was symptomatic of a "douchey new Venice." I secretly love the new bougie Venice, but I also miss the funky neighborhood I grew up in. I am taken by surprise, every time I return, by how fancy it is now. I backtrack. He is nice about it.
  7. Deliciousness
    Lunch is DELICIOUS. I am appropriately shamed for my earlier comment. Everybody sits around and eats together like a family, almost every day. It is very sweet to witness.
  8. Discovery
    I learn all sorts of cool things about the app!
  9. Gossip
    I secretly (not so secretly) love this. (Everyone really does have a list crush on @Meatball.)
  10. Confession/Discussion
    I tell everybody how I really feel about the app (love it obvi,) why I use it (creative satisfaction, voyeurism.) Everyone listens very graciously to my unsolicited suggestions. I am fascinated by the behind-the-scenes. I love it here. I could stay all day!
  11. Awkwardness
    I realize I've been here a really long time and everyone has to go back to work. I also have a plane to catch?
  12. Delight/Departure
    But everyone is so great! I leave.
  13. Immediate Nostalgia
    Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas and @jeremysomething! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you guys. I'm already looking forward to the time when I can say, "I remember when ListApp just had a little office in Venice..."