Inspired by @globalcitizen, I just went on an online lending spree-- making microfinance loans to strangers. You should do it too! (Not actually a Kiva-sponsored post)
  1. Agnes in Rwanda
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    Agnes needs $1,425 to pay workers who are harvesting her maize. Agnes is 31, and she's got 3 children between ages 5-9. She's been a farmer for 3 years, and wants to use the profits from her business to buy a house. Let's help this bitch get that house.
  2. Clement in Kenya
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    {GUYS- Clement only has ~2 hours left to raise money for his loan!! Otherwise all the money goes back.}Clement needs $275 to buy maize seeds to plant. Clement is 47, married to Janet & has 5 kids. He's been a motorcycle taxi driver for the last 10 years, with a monthly income of 11,000 KES. ($112.) This loan will allow him to earn a better living and feed his big family. (Note cute kids in picture.) Let's help him do it!
  3. Hadeel in Jordan
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    Hadeel is a 19 year old student, studying software engineering. She lives in a village which is far from her university. She is the oldest of 6 siblings, and her parents can't help her pay for school. But with your help, she can get an education and set a great example for her 2 sister and 3 brothers! Help this badass girl through college! Girls in tech unite!
  4. Maria del Rocio in Mexico
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    Maria wants to buy a piece of farm equipment called a "bio-digester" which will treat the manure from her many animals (cows, sheep, and rabbits.) This treated manure can be used agriculturally, as well as for fuel- saving her money on fuel and wood. It will be healthier for her and her family (no more smelly shit) as well as better for the environment & for business. She's already got a govt grant to cover most of it-- let's help this Eco-conscious lady out!
  5. Rosmeri in Bolivia
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    Rosmeri is a single mother, with a young child. She's a farmer, producing papaliza and oca [two root vegetables], "which are the principal agricultural products most in demand in the market." She's already doing well, but she wants to expand her operation by buying 0.5 hectares [about 1.25 acres] of farmland to "increase production and have better sales, which will improve her standard of living and her social standing, to the benefit of her family." Yaaaas Queen!
  6. UPDATE: Rosmeri is now the only person on this list not fully funded!! Woohoo! One more to go! (Also many, many other deserving people on the site...) 💪💗🌟🙌