I have long considered my Jewishness to be a central part of my identity. Unfortunately, I am not actually Jewish. A girl can dream.
  1. When I was in pre-school, all the other kids made Christmas ornaments. I made menorahs out of playdoh, which I brought home and presented with great pride to my (bewildered, atheist) parents.
    I even made them light candles with me for Hannukah.
  2. Inspired by Ramona Quimby, who named her doll Chevrolet, I christened my first doll "Shabat."
    Not only a beautiful word, but felt appropriate: Shabat The Doll was Jewish, too.
  3. When we were invited to attend a friend's Seder, I tried to memorize all the traditions.
    After all, my family might be "reform" but I could some day practice with my own kids!
  4. When we were invited to a friend's bar mitzvah, I learned the prayers.
    They could come in handy!
  5. Somehow, I thought that I was Jewish, but maybe @zoe was less Jewish?
    She was blonde at the time. What can I say, I was racist.
  6. When my parents told me, at 8 years old, that I was NOT, in fact, Jewish at all... I was devastated.
    But isn't Dad Jewish? Not even a little bit? I mean I know we're not RELIGIOUS, but...
  7. I still take a somewhat creepy pride in the fact that people often assume I am Jewish.
    Sometimes, I don't tell them the truth. It feels good to be part of the tribe.