weird day so far
  1. woke up, felt weird
  2. took a shower, promptly threw up
    food poisoning? don't think it's possible but AM I PREGNANT?
  3. felt a little better after throwing up
    ok, maybe i can still go to my very important audition?
  4. laid on the couch for a lil while
    thought i'd barf if i stood up tbh
  5. meditated
  6. still felt weird
  7. blew my hair dry
  8. got a last minute email asking me if I could fly out today and work tomorrow, instead of flying tomorrow
    yeah sure as long as i don't keep throwing up
  9. called my agent
    what the fuck do i do??
  10. did my makeup
  11. tested for a pilot
    nothing like a post-vomit lewk for an important audition!
  12. bought a homeopathic remedy for food poisoning
    def not pregnant
  13. came home, vomited in the street in front of my building
    super sexy, my neighbors love me
  14. called my mom for a homeopathic consultation
    she is the queen of the telephone diagnosis. she told me to get in bed and stay as long as possible.
  15. laid down in my clothes and slept
  16. woke up when the car was outside to pick me up to take me to the airport for my flight
    called everybody and informed them that if i left now, i would just vomit the whole way
  17. they moved my flight
  18. now i'm in bed, and @tedf is feeding me tiny sips of ginger ale and bone broth
    he wins the prize
  19. wish me luck on getting that part tho 💪