A dispatch from the land of ADD.
  1. Make beans.
    @zoe introduced me to an incredible beans recipe from Romans, in brooklyn. I am obsessed.
  2. Wash all the dishes.
    "I will write better if everything in my house is clean." Hmmmmm.
  3. Buy a necklace.
    I "took a walk" to "clear my head." Came back with a sick gem.
  4. Take a walk.
    See above.
  5. Eat a thousand gummy vitamins
    A "guilt-free snack!"
  6. Check mouse trap obsessively.
    There was no mouse.
  7. Worry about mice.
    Why haven't I caught any since getting back from Vegas? Are they gone? Are they ok? Are they just cuddling in their mouse hole? Are they gone? How will I know when they are gone? How much time without catching one means it is safe to assume they are gone? Is it ever really safe?
  8. Read ListApp.
    This is my new favorite place on the Internet. Catching up on all the old lists is a fucking blast. No way I'm ever getting anything done again.
  9. Read Marie Kondo's book, inspired by @alexandra's list endorsement.
    Become convinced that I really ought to Kondo my apartment.
  10. Consider starting to Kondo my apartment right now.
    Decide to wait until it is not 1am.
  11. Sleep.
    (Rinse. Repeat.)