Thank you @miggles36 for making me write my first list.
  1. A Soderbergh set is the quietest and most relaxed set you will ever be on.
    Do not let this fool you, you are still being filmed.
  2. When Soderbergh asks for/suggests something, you will probably do it, no matter what it is.
    And it will be so much better than whatever you were thinking/doing before.
  3. A corset can be your friend.
    Reasons why, a sub-list: 1. It will squish you to the same size no matter how many cookies you may or may not have eaten the night before filming. 2. It will make you feel taller. (A personal life-long dream) 3. It will make you feel proper and like you live in 1900. 4. It will make you glad you live in modern times, regardless of how atrocious the day's news is. Be warned: Telling anyone you like your corset will make them question your feminism.
  4. No matter what your ego says, you probably can get it/ do have it on the first or second take.
    And since that's probably what you'll get... don't fuck it up.
  5. When your collaborators are brilliant, you should trust them.
    No, REALLY trust them. But obviously still do your work. (See above note about not fucking up.)
  6. Women in 1900 really did get the short end.
    This one's pretty self-explanatory. Just about everything sucked.
  7. Postpartum psychosis is terrifying and relatively commonplace. Worst of all, the healthcare system has almost no framework by which to support the women who develop it.
    This is not funny. But, it is another good thing to add to your list of feared maladies.
  8. Being creepy is apparently a skill I have in spades.
    Turns out, when people tell you this, it is only partially a compliment?
  9. Singani 63 is a magic drug.
    This obviously isn't about work, per se. But I find it difficult to separate. The confluence of Knick gatherings and Singani have made for some of my happiest nights since the haze that was college. Side note: if you feed Singani to @miggles36, he will "dirty dance" and delight will reign.
  10. There is no end to this list.
    This has been simultaneously the most difficult and most satisfying working experience I have ever had. Every day I get to go to work, I am filled with joy. And also with the humbling knowledge of how much more there is to learn...