I want to hear your version of this list.
  1. I want to feel less powerless in the face of systemic racism and injustice.
    How do we make a change? I want to be a part of changing our system.
  2. I want this to be the year that there is an effective, national movement to reduce access to guns, especially assault weapons. I want gun control.
    I want to work to make our country the country with the least gun violence, the least number of gun deaths.
  3. Stella Adler talks about how actors (but I think also all artists) must develop a specificity of seeing - taking in the world (particularly the natural world) in a specific way, cultivating a specific response to what is actually there.
    I want to work on this, on appreciating the context of objects and nature. Not just seeing the chair, but noticing the wood, the grain, the fact that some one carved it, and before that it was a tree. The fact that the seat is worn smooth by people sitting in it. I want to be more present in the world. We only get the one.
  4. I want this to be the year I start to really do the work I need to do on my voice.
    I have always struggled with my voice as an actor, and also as a person. It was the thing I worked hardest on in my training, my biggest frustration. I've always worked on it, but never enough. I have always struggled with speaking up. I am ready to give that up, now. I know it is a process, and I will likely work on my voice forever. But I am done pretending that I don't need to do it. I am ready to own all of my fear and proceed anyhow. I am ready to do my work even though it is scary.
  5. I want to read more in 2016.
    This was something I started to do in 2015, and it made my life exponentially better. I want to continue the trend. (Please give me your book recommendations! I wanna hear them!)
  6. I want to write more in 2016.
    This year, I discovered that I am a writer. It was one of the most exciting discoveries that I have ever made. I also got paid to write for the first time. Now, I just want another writing job. What an addictive thing.
  7. I want to spend more time with my friends, and cultivate the relationships that are most important to me.
    I miss most of my closest friends, because I work like crazy and hardly get to see them. I want to be better about staying in touch when we are not in the same city. I want to see them more when we are.
  8. I want to stop getting in my own way.
    I am ready for new habits. I am bored by my usually patterns of self-destructive behavior. Time to let go. I am done wasting time.