from the draft archive, inspired by @miggles36 and @EJo
  1. attention
    don't we all
  2. to be an opera singer AND a Supreme Court justice AND a fashion designer
    i remember my mom reading something about how my generation was supposed to have multiple careers, and i was like "great, that fits with my plans."
  3. to have a motorcycle
    it was the one thing my parents told us we could never have
  4. to have a bevy of men falling at my feet
    i watched too many movies from the 40s
  5. to have curly hair
    i thought maybe i would emerge from puberty looking like julia roberts
  6. perfect handwriting, like my friend simone
  7. religious identity
    this was not too long after my "you are not Jewish" crisis of soul
  8. for sam davis to like me back
    had a huge crush on this kid, because he knew who jackson pollock was (i didn't, but was nevertheless impressed that he did)
  9. to be very tall
    preferably 6 ft and strong
  10. to have my poems published
    delusions of grandeur
  11. sex, lots of sex
    preferably in black and white, with cigarettes, in the backseats of cars (movies from the 40s again)
  12. puppy, or if that failed, tomagotchi
    any kind of pet would do
  13. to be just like @zoe
  14. to be just like @zoe except taller and with bigger boobs
    classy kid, what can I say