I feel like there are people who think these things make them big/impressive, but when they mention them, I am instantly unimpressed.
  1. Name-dropping
    I'm sure that person would be very uncomfortable if they could hear you.
  2. How much money you make
    Pretty sure that's your business.
  3. That catty thing you said about her
    Just makin' yourself look bad.
  4. How committed you are to your diet/the fact that you are on a diet and/or how not committed you are to your diet
    I know diets take up a lot of brain space, and I've been guilty about talking about them too on occasion. But I also think this falls into the category of your business.
  5. Making me feel bad/small/guilty about my successes
    Love @Lena's term "sunshine stealer" for this type of unfortunate human, I think about it all the time.