I said this to my bf this morning in bed (I think cause I didn't want to get up) and then realized MAYBE I AM A GENIUS?
  1. So dumb
    Like the dumbest. Just keeps going, never stops. Single-mindedly plowing forward, blind to all surroundings. Also just terrible most of the time, nobody likes it.
  2. Not real
    I actually kind of believe this. It's a figment of our collective consciousness, a cultural construct. Right? In truth, I have a lot of problems with time. I mean, I know ORDER matters- like your life will be better if you do some things before others (grab your keys before you leave the house, etc.) but I often bump up against a feeling that it's imaginary. I think I should be able to walk into 2 weeks ago. Or grab that book from where I left it a year ago. Or peek ahead and see what's coming.
  3. Too short
    I always want more. Even when things are shit. I want more.
  4. Passes quick
    So quick! And getting quicker all the time! I feel like an old geezer saying this, but gosh it sure does feel like time is speeding up on us! It's passing quick! Get out and grab it!