Requested by @EJo
thanks for the request @EJo. my first thought when i got it was "ah yes, he knows me."
  1. a high-pitched sound emanates from me
    kind of like a whine, but more excited. don't think I make this noise, it just seems to happen. maybe it comes out my ears?
  2. heartbeat goes up
    like WAY up. maybe i am imitating the dog's heartbeat? maybe i am in love?
  3. time stops
    i have been known to stand outside the puppy store window for 40min and think it has only been 5, tops.
  4. cheesy love song immediately gets stuck in my head
    inside, i am singing to that little guy
  5. magnetically drawn to dog
    i will follow a puppy for blocks. not creepy at all.
  6. start commenting on things that are obvious to the naked eye
    look at that little nose! look at that little foot! look, it's licking its little balls!
  7. make some version of this stupid face
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