Usually, it doesn't go my way, but some times it does. You never know what will happen with a job once you've got it, whether it will be wonderful or terrible, hilarious, humiliating, triumphant, soul-crushing. So I think it's very important to celebrate that first moment.
  1. On the second floor of The Strand, where I was picking out wrap gifts.
    Just in time to not be unemployed! I had to be very quiet because it seemed weird to be so excited amongst those art-book-loving strangers. I stood there and looked out at the Broadway traffic and wondered whether this project would be very very good or very very bad.
  2. In the middle of a conversation with my parents about whether I should give up acting, at lunch on the upper east side.
    Suck it! (Actually my parents are very supportive, they are just also very anxious and I was having doubts. This was before I learned not to share these kinds of thoughts with them.) When I went back into the restaurant, my parents, who hardly ever drink and certainly not during the day, ordered us a noon bottle of champagne.
  3. At Griffith Observatory.
    I had just pulled up in my borrowed car, to kill time between auditions. There is terrible service there, but somehow my agent got through. I looked out at Los Angeles and thought THIS CITY IS MY FUCKING OYSTER. (Of course this pilot never got picked up and even still my character was completely cut out of it, so I wouldn't say I was right about that, but...)
  4. In the car en route to a baseball game, during a family reunion in DC.
    My cousin was like "your life is fucking nuts. you just went from being unemployed with no prospects to shooting something tomorrow?" (And I was like "no prospects?") I asked my sister if I should leave the reunion early for the job. She said, "they can't wait an extra day? Fuck them. Family first." As always, the best advice. And they waited for me. This movie was terrible.
  5. In my kitchen, in the middle of doing dishes.
    This one was the one I had wanted the most. No one else was home, so I put on music and danced by myself.
  6. On a romantic vacation with @tedf, in the most perfect house with a giant picture window.
    He let me go off and stress out about conflicts for about an hour, and then he came in, kissed me, and told me that it would all work out. And then he was like, "if you've called all the people you need to call, do you think you could put this aside for a while? And we could maybe do something else?" And then we did. And it worked out. Sort of. Enough.
  7. On the side of the road in some California city I can't remember the name of, all sweaty and starving after the hottest hike of my life.
    I remember how hot the sun was on my face, and how I wanted to dance with the parking meters.