Inspired by @sschenk, whom you should all follow.
  1. 2 box cutters and a pocket knife
    This was in the period when I was working in the art department on sets, and I regularly carried 3 blades with me, because I always needed one. I WAS NOT STOPPED BY SECURITY, and did not realize until after I had already flown across the country with them. Yes, this was post-9/11. I have no idea.
  2. A sticker that said "I love guns and coffee" that I bought at a gun show as a joke.
    I do not love guns. I believe we desperately need better gun control laws in this country. I went to the gun show out of curiosity (who goes to these things?? what is it like?? are there any women or people of color??) Also, it was next door to my hotel in nowhere Virginia.
  3. A piece of home made cherry pie
    Best plane snack of all time. Thanks, ma.
  4. A toy poodle named Alice
    This was her beachy look.