1. City bitch trying to impress her date
    We've all passed a new couple and picked up on a piece of their conversation and the unmistakable tone of a city bitch bragging to her new bif. "No I swear, they like, totally love me."
  2. Over-excited Mets fan
    Unfortunately we can pin point this character as my father this weekend. Not only did he sport his vintage Mets baseball hat to make sure everyone knew he isn't a fairweather fan, but his 70's style royal blue Mets bomber jacket perfected the stereotype of a New Yorker proudly showing off his team's gear for the first time since 2000.
  3. Someone on acid
    If you're lucky, they'll be preaching a sermon of what the future holds for the the racist monstrosity that is America.
  4. Posses of 13 year old tourists
    Most often seen walking out of or holding numerous bags from Forever 21 or Dylan's Candy Bar
  5. A musician of sorts
    A grand piano set up by the fountain, a saxophone, or your traditional acoustic guitar, you're guaranteed at least one starving artist to either admire or ignore.
  6. At least one protest group
    Rape culture educators, feminists, free hug campaigners, the list goes on