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The One for One™ concept of TOMS, where buying a pair of shoes is donating a pair of shoes, has been touching many brands and driving socially conscious fashion. Warby Parker is super popular these days too, but these two companies are just the tip of the iceberg. From shoes to jewelry to tampons, here's some more BOGO(for someone else).
  1. TOMS
    One for One™, as you probably already know. Today you can buy their sunglasses and improve someone's eyesight, buy coffee and donate clean water, or shop online in the TOMS marketplace and empower artisans. TOMS.com
  2. Warby Parker
    Buy a pair of incredibly chic glasses and you're donating a pair to someone in need. WarbyParker.com
  3. Conscious.
    Buy a box of safe, organic and biodegradable tampons and donate biodegradable pads to a homeless woman. Consciousperiod.com
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For my best friend and current significant other @christina_ac
  1. First thing's first: for him to be a man
    It's not always about age but time usually turns men into boys because scar tissue and a little travel makes the heart gentler and the eyesight sharper so he can both feel you and see you as you should be felt and seen.
  2. Culture
    I don't actually care about where he's from or not from but I do care that he's grown up knowing and seeing things that meant something to him and his loved ones because that's the only way he'll be able to appreciate your things. And for you to develop your own things. It's language, it's history, it's the smell of something eccentric cooking in the oven, and it's an awareness of someone else's languages, history, and eccentric food smells that aren't his own.
  3. Feminism
    Need I say more?
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Inspired by @christina_ac
  1. Bartending also
    Thought for a good minute whether even going this far back is interesting but he did take my virginity so I guess that counts for something
  2. Professional frat boy
    Was never my boyfriend but he's next chronologically and it's mean to leave people out
  3. Recently released from the IDF and so probably serving coffee
    In order to save enough money to backpack through South America for a year. He might choose Southeast Asia but it's hard to know. Other possibilities: sitting on the couch watching tv and laughing even though he's not listening/understanding, hiking all of Israel penniless, and/or perhaps trying to be a tour guide of the desert.
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This is the absolute best first list you could have dreamed up for me
  1. Fried Green Tomatoes
  2. Elizabeth
    Saw that one coming, right?
  3. Dreamgirls
    It just came to me--Arclight theater and everything
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