Thoughts while Attending a Hip Hop Festival on your own over age 30

  1. Today's youth all have the most severely cracked cell phone screens I've ever seen
    Like, can you even make out numbers or images on that thing? Do you permanently have shards of glass in your thumbs?
  2. Suddenly even with tall sweaty strangers invading your space you are SO concerned about neighboring attendees fun levels
    "You know Common is on stage right now, right? And he's covering Nas! This is a big deal!"
  3. You will inevitably not understand the appeal of one of the performers at all
    For me, that was Machine Gun Kelly and you will spend your time trying to find others that share your sentiment
  4. You track your water intake
    When you were 16 you didn't care now you understand hydration
  5. Inspiration comes at unexpected moments
    Sway Calloway was the emcee and he spent some time addressing the mostly teen/20something 30,000 plus crowd about feminism and body positivity and its place in hip hop and your heart SWELLS
  6. Anderson.Paak is a name you are going to hear about a lot
    Get his album Malibu, dude is beyond talented
  7. The Legendary Roots crew is the greatest touring band in the US