1. Circa 2001: sisters and I get a talking globe that quizzes you on country's capitals. We're like "wtf!"
  2. Circa 2008: menorah candle falls over, lights my sister's new sweatshirt on fire. Burns the hood. She still wears it.
  3. Circa 2009: biggest sis goes to college. We skype her in to light the menorah.
  4. Circa 2010: middlest sis goes to college. We download Oovoo.
  5. Circa 2013: I go to college. We give up the video chat thing.
  6. Circa 2009-present: Dad insists we are too old for presents. Mom is a sneaky minx and does it anyway.
  7. Circa 2015: big sis in Nashville. Middle sis in New York. I'm in Michigan. Family is home. Mother tries to email us hannukah gift card, sends us free coupon for dinner with her friend Sukie instead.