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Hope this list doesn't get him fired
  1. Sexy accent
  2. Hipster beard
    Looked 10 years younger when he shaved it off so it's perfect
  3. Goes out for coffee with me
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  1. When my grandma died on a Friday and I immediately thought of it as a perfect excuse not to have to go out
  2. I'm all the twitter
  3. My mantra is Jai ya
    I've also passed it onto my friends
  4. I respect wood
  1. Click the home button on your iponw
  2. Squeeze your face wash
    Or any kind of bottle - shampoo, toothpaste
  3. Grab the ice to make an ice pack for your broken thimb
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Request from @alemar
  1. Using the word "epilator"
  2. Making people Google it cuz no one knows what it is.
    Ale made me explain what it was over the phone.
  3. Body hair. Ew.