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  1. Who am I?
  2. Who invented math? And why?
  3. What's the reason we're all here?
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  1. Reasons, apparently.
  1. I wanted to donate blood for quite some time, but I was always too scared to go on my own.
  2. So when a friend of mine told me she was going this afternoon, I asked if she would take me with her.
    Of course she said yes and so we went.
  3. Everything went fine.
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  1. Remember how I told you that I wanted to start a book blog? Well, I did. Two months ago.
  2. And I got in touch with a couple of people on the Internet ever since.
  3. And one of them invited me to my first ever blogger meet-up.
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  1. That I haven't listed in a couple of weeks even though I PROMISED to do so and still love this place
    I just kinda tend to forget??? Help please?
  2. All of the homework I need to do
  3. That I should start looking for an apartment in Metz for next year
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Yes, I'm 19. But please remember that I'm in Germany and therefore it would be legal for me to drink since the age of 16. Starting with the most common.
  1. Why that?
    Most of the time I just answer with a shrug, sometimes I say "I simply don't like the taste."
  2. Err... Okay?
    And then they usually look at me like I'm crazy for a moment before moving on to the next person and not knowing what to say to me for the rest of the evening.
  3. What? So, you're the driver?
    Is that really the only explanation you can think of?
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  1. So, I went to this concert. And afterwards, the artist came out to give autographs.
  2. I stood in line, got my ticket signed, had a quick chat with him and wanted to say goodbye.
  3. But he was faster and asked: Do you want to take a picture?
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  1. Waaaaaay better than I expected.
  2. I legitimately had a great time.
    Maybe not as much as if I had gone with a good friend but definetly more than I would have had sitting at home.
  3. I was really nervous.
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  1. I'm an introvert.
    Most of the time I prefer being alone to being in a crowd full of people.
  2. But right now I'm on my way to a concert.
    And I won't know anyone there. I'm going alone.
  3. I'm really really nervous.
    And a little scared, even though I know there is nothing to be afraid of.
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Wasn't this a title wave a couple of months ago? I can't remember. But since I moved in October but only now feel like my apartment is complete (mostly), I felt like this would be a good topic.
  1. I got this beautiful Mary Poppins clock for Christmas from my aunt and she got it from Etsy (where else). I love it.
    The post card in the picture frame says: "Won't you finally grow up!" - "Why should I?" (That's not a word by word translation at all, but oh well.)
  2. These Disney Princesses I got from Etsy and printed them out. I added the black frames and voila: the wall over my bed is decorated.
  3. This beautiful canvas I got from @Magalie for my 19th birthday.
    It reminded her of Pretty little liars - which is a favorite show of both of us. Don't tell anyone!
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