Am I too late for this?
  1. I don't like the Bad Blood music video.
    Mine and You belong with me are still my favorites.
  2. I don't like Pharrell Williams' music.
  3. I think our society needs stereotypes.
    They are bad, of course. But our modern world offers so many possibilities, you meet so many new people everyday and you can't look behind everyone's mask just because you bumped into each other on the street. We beed stereotypes to be able to cope with everything we encounter. But if you want to get to know someone - drop your stereotypes and please, even if you have stereotypes against that person on the other side of the street, don't show him but be nice and smile at him.
  4. I don't like the Star Wars movies.
    I've seen Episode I-VI now (my friends made me watch them) and I just don't like them. It's not like they're bad movies or anything, I just can't connect to the storyline. It doesn't touch me AT ALL.
  5. It's okay if you can see that you read this book.
    Don't be extra mean or something, but I think some grease spots and folds add character to the book.
  6. I don't like buffets.
    If I eat in a restaurant, that's because I want someone to bring me my food, not because I want to have to get up and get it myself. I hate it when everyone stares at your newly filled plate to see if there's anything new on the buffet. Mind your own business and let me eat in peace!
  7. I still Admit that I like Twilight.
    I read the books in a time of my teenage years in which I changed a lot and everyone around me changed a lot. They were like my anchor, something I could bond over with my best friend who started to drift away from me. They were important to me and I still like them even though I can see why so many people don't.
  8. I'm afraid of dragonflies.
    No, they're not beautiful at all! They freak me out!
  9. I don't like Michael Jacksons music.
    Cover one of his songs and I'll probably love it, but the original? I just don't like his voice. #sorrynotsorry
  10. It's okay to whine about first world problems.
    Yes, there are people with no access to fresh water, suffering from malnutrition and/or serious diseases, but remembering that doesn't make my problems disappear, does it? I care about other people and their problems but sometimes it's okay to look after your own as well.