I wish you all the best! Love you 💕 @nelly_amy
  1. She usually is always the youngest one.
    In class, when she's with friends...
  2. She wants to be at least 1,70 meters tall.
    Which is approximately 5.5 feet, I think...
  3. She loves cats!!
  4. And rescues them all the time.
    She also rescued my cat, Merlin.
  5. She's a horrible liar.
  6. She thinks she looks younger than her age, but everyone is always surprised she's that young.
  7. She loves the same music as me.
    Which is probably my fault.
  8. She doesn't know where to put all those books anymore.
    Which is also probably my fault.
  9. She can not stay quiet if anything bothers her.
  10. She's very ambitious.
  11. She's sooo pretty! And she always looks amazing in photos!
    Which is why you should definetely check out her instagram @nelly.amelie I mean - look at this!
  12. She absolutely wants to redecorate her room.
    Next summer, at the latest, but it's already all she talks about.
  13. She never forgets anything you tell her.
    So be prepared to get it thrown back at you two tears later, when you've already forgotten but she hasn't.
  14. She's the little sister I always wanted but never had and more.
  15. She's simply the best.
    Really, I love her. 💜