I asked my family to help me out with this, here's what they said:
  1. I love reading.
  2. I write.
  3. I don't like people.
    That's what my mum said... Should I be worried?
  4. I'm blond.
    I'm pretty sure that this isn't supposed to be a compliment by my dad.
  5. I don't like sports.
  6. I talk to fast.
    You guessed right, that's what my grandma said.
  7. I speak French fluently.
  8. I don't like coffee.
    My dad really knows me though, I guess.
  9. I never need to go to the toilet.
    My aunt is exaggerating here.
  10. I love eating pasta in all forms.
  11. I like to swim.
    One of the few sports I actually enjoy, that's true.
  12. I don't drink alcohol.
  13. I love quotes and beautiful sayings.
  14. I don't like driving a car.
    Very true. See this list here for further information: REASONS I DON'T LIKE DRIVING A CAR 🚗
  15. I write lists.
    Sometimes, my Mum really gets me.
  16. I like cats.
    True, especially this little cutie.
  17. I loved raisins until my dad told me that they looked like dead flies.
  18. I hate to do chores.
  19. I like to help other people out.
    Thanks for making me look better than I actually am, Mum.