And the sword of summer by Rick Riordan. (I think I'm going to make this into a series... And I'll do 5 Reasons not to read it as well...) I know that there are a lot more, but these are the most important, I think.
  1. Sarcasm.
    No need explaining this.
  2. A heroine with arabian roots.
    Amazing. Is there any better way to teach kids to respect other cultures?
  3. The hero dying on the first 40 pages.
    Sorry, I didn't want to spoiler...
  4. Annabeth Chase
    And all the other Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus hints.
  5. It's written by Rick Riordan.
    That's enough for me to love it. You can always be sure that it'll be amazingly written, that it will make you laugh out loud at least every ten pages or so and that you'll feel that special connection to some of the characters that'll make you think you know them personnally.