Thanks for the request!! But I'm not sure if you want to know the best and worst ways to mispronounce my first or my last name. I'll give you both.
  1. Just for the record, my first name is correctly pronounced like Mike-eh. I guess that describes it best for you english speaking folk.
  2. Mike
    Yeah, nope. I'm still a girl, thank you. And yes, I get this a LOT.
  3. Mec
    (The french word for guy. Pronounced like Mac.) nope.
  4. Mika
    That's not the proper order of the letters. Please try again.
  5. Mike-eeeeeeeeh
    No, please. It's a short sound at the end.
  6. Most of these I get from french people. That's okay. But it's way more fun to see them trying to spell my name. 😂
    Even people I've known for 15 years now, can't get it right. No, it's still not Maïké.
  7. Now you'll have to know that Bücheler is not my real last name, but my mums maiden name. I just go by it on the internet, so usually I can't hear people mispronouncing it. But here are some of the versions I got for my real last name (that I won't tell you to keep it interesting).
  8. Dope
    That's not it.
  9. Dub
    Can't you read all of the letters?
  10. Doob
    Still not it.
  11. Dawb
  12. But hey, at least they always get the first letter right!