Thanks, @nelly_amy !
  1. Nena
    My first concert when I was in third grade or something like that. My mum, my aunt and some of their friends were with me. It was in the court of a castle and everything about it seemed magical to 9 year old me. I remember being disappointed when she didn't play "99 Luftballons", but then she came back and played it in the encore.
  2. Lena
    The girl who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010? I've already been at two of her concerts, both times with my aunt. Lena is even better live than she is on CD. After the first concert, my aunt couldn't start our car because she forgot to turn off the lights... Luckily, there were a few teenagers who helped us push the car to the next gas station.
  3. ABBA The Show
    I don't know if this counts as a concert, but well I do. My aunt, my mom and me offered this to my grandma for her birthday once and we went all with her. I loved ABBA in elementary school and maybe up to sixth grade, but then I forgot that love. ThisShow made me fall in love with the four Swedes again.
  4. Sunrise Avenue
    3 times. First time I've been to a concert without my aunt/parental supervision but only with two of my best friends. It was soooo good! @theworldofann was one of the two friends. She's already been to a lot of concerts with me... The third time I went with @nelly_amy in Stuttgart, where Sunrise Avenue played together with an orchestra. It was the last concert of the tour and the last tour for noone knows how long and it was a really special night. I don't know how I managed not to cry...
  5. The Script
    Another concert I went to with Ann. It was right after our A-level exams. I didn't know all if the songs, but it was a great atmosphere. Plus, it made me discover Colton Avery.
  6. Meghan Trainor
    We (again, Ann and me) went to Hamburg after our trip to Paris, which was our first vacation together. We saw The phantom of the Opera and Meghan Trainor. We didn't know most of the songs, but we had a fun evening.
  7. Tagtraeumer
    An Austrian band that even most Germans don't know. But I love them. Amy went with me (after weeks of trying to convince her mom). After the concert, we were the first to get to the front man Tom and had a quick chat with him while he signed our tickets and took a picture with us. He was really nice and those pictures turned out great! He wore a stormtrooper shirt that day and even though I'm not a big Star Wars fan, I want one of those too now.
  8. Joris
    I've been to two concerts of this german singer-songwriter this summer. The first one was in a circus tent and it was really hot in there but it made me instantly fall in love with the whole band. The second time I didn't even have to pay for the entrance, which was great, but the concert itself wasn't as good as the first one. But Amy got a photo with some of the band members and an autograph of Joris, which made her happy and me jealous. But don't tell her!