Optional (boring) titel: What I did and saw in Paris today
  1. The weather forecast said it's going to rain - yay! Now I can spend my day in a museum!
  2. First: let's go visit one I haven't seen yet: Musée Carnavalet
    And learn new stuff about the city!
  3. Unfortunately, most of the museum is closed until 2019 (at least) because of renovation. But it was still very interesting!
  4. And inspiring. And beautiful.
    Especially this room. Even though the picture doesn't look like it. Sorry...
  5. So now I can cross it off from @Lisa_Fav s List: 99 Things to do in Paris 99 THINGS TO DO IN PARIS
    Another 60 or so to go!
  6. Then I wanted to go to the Louvre because I've been in France for four weeks now and I haven't been yet.
    Context: I've already been there four times before and still haven't seen half of it. And I love it there.
  7. But there was such a long waiting line! And I didn't feel like waiting.
  8. So I just looked around in a few shops in Le Carousel du Louvre (still looking for the one I found last year - still no luck...) And then I decided to go to the Aquarium.
  9. I love fish and it actually started to rain so I didn't want to stay outside.
  10. There are a lot of different basins there and they're all very pretty, but there are very few explanations and (at least the one I watched) the movies are only in french. Which didn't bother me but might bother other people.
  11. So I prefer the Aquarium where I live in Germany.
  12. But look who I found!
    It's Dory and Nemo!
  13. Now I know they'll be "Finding Dory" in the Aquarium in Paris in the movie.
    I'll still watch it though. 😉
  14. When I got out of the Aquarium, the sun was shining again. So I could end the day sitting on a bench, writing my postcards, looking at the Eiffel Tower and thinking to myself: How lucky I am to experience so many great things and even have people to share it with who actually care. 💜
  15. Tomorrow it's mother's day in France, so here's me reminding you (and myself): you're lucky to have someone dear to you in your life - not only your mum, but also your dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents, your partner and your friends. Be thankful. And don't forget to show them. 💕