Thank you @natanya for my first list request! And it's such a good one!
  1. Let's start with something slightly embarassing:
    When I first read the Twilight books (I was like 13) I identified a lot with Bella. (Sorry to all my friends if I was really like her.) But what was more important: Alice was everything I ever wanted to be: small, beautiful, adorable, sassy, confident, in love and a great dancer. Everybody loved her.
  2. Annabeth Chase ??
    I really really want to identify with her and to some extant I do. But if I'm honest, I'm more like Carter Kane. (I love virias artwork...)
  3. Luna Lovegood
    People call her weird and she's okay with that. She believes in things other people don't even know about. She walks around barefoot. Sometimes, I'm her and sometimes I want to be her. (I really love viria. Go check her out on Tumblr or deviantart!!)
  4. Rosa Alcantara
    (I love those books...) Even though I hate snakes. I think.
  5. Seth from Wicked Lovely
    He loves books. He goes to the library often enough for the employees to know his name. He has no problem believing in Faeries.
  6. Bonnie Bennet
    She's the most loyal friend. And she's a witch. We're basically the same.
  7. Sybil Branson
    I love her. Just... Everything. We're both INFPs!
  8. Frodo Baggins
    INFP as well. If I'm honest, I only inclueded him because of those eyes. I'm obsessed with them.
  9. Arwen
    I looooove her! She's an elv (I think? Is that what it's called in english?) and she's beautiful and she pursues what she thinks will make her happy even though her father tells her not to. Plus, she's an INFP. Yay!
  10. What I just found out one week ago: I'm C3PO.
    🙈 My best friend agrees with this... 🙈 Best part about it? I'm golden and I'm best friends with R2D2.
  11. My best friend also told me that I'm like Ariel.
    Which makes me very anxious because my best friend hates Ariel. But I can see her point: She's a mermaid, I'm a mermaid...
  12. This was way harder than I thought!!
    Because I mostly love characters who are nothing like me and am annoyed by those who resemble me. I tried to be honest here - with myself and with you.
  13. But I think I'll just continue identifying with characters who are nothing like me but everything I want to be.
    They're sassy and brave, loyal and clever, they're the heroes of their stories and I want to be like that too. Sometimes, you can't change who you are, but you can try. And over the past few years I did change a lot and I feel great about being closer to Alice than to Bella today.
  14. I think this was especially difficult for me because there are two versions of myself.
    There's the person I used to be, who's like Bella, Ariel and C3PO and there's the person I could be. Sometimes I already am that person, but my old self is still there and maybe it'll never disappear.
  15. But I know that I'm happier being that other person, the confident one.
    And there are places and people that always turn me into that person. But there are also people who only know my old self and I'm kinda stuck with that when I'm around them. Because I'm too afraid to let go of that last bit of person I was and maybe hurting or even losing someone who is very important to me. And eventually I'm just afraid to change and step on unknown terrain where I could step on land mines or bear traps.
  16. But I know that I'll have to keep on going and keep on changing because I won't be happy if I don't do it.
    Somedays it's easier and on other days it's really hard, which is why I'm going slowly. But I'm going.
  17. Sorry @natanya ... This is way longer than I wanted it to be. And way more personal than I wanted it to be. But Thank you for reminding me of all of that.
  18. And thanks for reading all of it, if you really made it to the end. 😘
    I now can continue trying to be Pocahontas instead of Ariel. Because Ursula won't do any harm to Pocahontas, will she? 😉