Help? Please?
  1. I've never been in love before.
  2. So how will I know that I'm in love when I finally fall in love??
    I won't be able to identify the feeling, will I?
  3. But there's this guy I really enjoy talking to and spending time with.
  4. And I kinda thought I might be in love with him.
    Even though I would deny it if anyone dared to ask.
  5. Then I thought he had a girlfriend (still not sure, but I just ignore it).
    I listened to "The moment I knew" by Taylor Swift on repeat and deleted every hint I ever made about him on this app. Overreacting, I guess??
  6. But right now he just texted me.
    He didn't do that for a whole month.
  7. And I lay down what I was doing and ran downstairs to get better wifi.
  8. I had a really hard day, but just seeing his name on my screen made me feel better.
  9. We texted for about ten minutes, then ran out of subjects.
    Something that never happens when we meet in person. But texting kinda always ends rather sooner than later.
  10. And now I'm writing this list because I'm freaking out.
    Am I in love? Am I just desperate? Or did I finally go insane? Am I overthinking this??
  11. HELP!!!
  12. (I'm pretty sure I'll regret writing this list tomorrow morning 🙈)