1. Waaaaaay better than I expected.
  2. I legitimately had a great time.
    Maybe not as much as if I had gone with a good friend but definetly more than I would have had sitting at home.
  3. I was really nervous.
  4. But not as long as the concert was going on. Then I just enjoyed the music.
    Okay, there were those moments of self-consciousness when I stopped dancing and clapping for a moment because I remembered that I was in public. But that would have been the same if I had been with a friend. And they were rare enough.
  5. What was kind of hard was the waiting before and afterwards. When everyone else is talking to the friends they came with and I just stood there.
    I tried to ignore it by looking at my phone. It worked surprisingly well.
  6. At the end I even spent a couple of minutes people watching.
    Wow, these guys of the support group really did their best to impress those girls. I can't remember having seen any German flirt that obviously before.
  7. What also helped was that there were way less people my own age than I expected.
    And since it's mostly them that make me uncomfortable, I was quite fine.
  8. So all in all: I don't regret going. And for now I'm not as afraid of going to the next one in two days as I was before.
  9. But going with a friend still seems more fun and less stressful to me.
  10. Still, I had a really good time.
  11. Thanks to all of you who sent nice words my way and helped me find enough confidence to enjoy it as much as I did. Really, thank you.