1. So, I'm still reworking that story I finished one year ago and I'm going to change the ending. A lot. Again.
    And even though I know the direction the story will take, I'm not sure about a lot of details yet.
  2. I had to walk home from university just now because my bus wouldn't come because of some stupid traffic issues. So I had an extra 30 minutes to think about stuff at my hands.
  3. And I remembered how some authors imagined doing an interview with their characters to get to know them better and that I wanted to try if that might work for me.
  4. So I said to myself: why don't you just imagine your male main character being here with you? You could walk together and chat. So I tried.
  5. It was hard at the beginning, but after a few minutes I got into it. I complimented him - to start out on good terms, you know? - and he told me about his worries and concerns and how much he was in love. Nothing of that was new to me, but it was a good reminder of where I am in the story.
  6. Then I asked him about his plans for the journey he'll have to make - so the end I want to change. And that's when things started to get interesting.
  7. He told me about a late night conversation I didn't know about yet. I was really proud of myself because that was the kind of detail I was looking for.
  8. But then I noticed that he didn't want to speak about what that conversation had been about, even though I already knew. It made him uncomfortable.
  9. That was weird. Because he's more of the self confident, strong, we-will-get-through-this type. So I aked him about it.
  10. And while he tried his best not telling me anything, I discovered a new layer in his personality and his history.
  11. I discovered, that he carries around even more pain and guilt with him than I thought - even more than he thought and knew about. And still that was the reason he acted so weird.
  12. I don't know what to do with this discovery. I'll have to check my facts first, if what my walk with him showed me, can even be possible. But after that? What am I going to do with that knowledge?
  13. I don't think I'll have to change the whole book again. Just the ending. But I'm concerned. Because I realised that he is a much more depressing character than I thought. And now I fear the ending is going to be kinda depressing as well, even if it still is a happy one.
  14. I don't know yet. I'm just... confused.