1. I was in class when I got the mail. And my mind instantly shut down.
    I managed to keep my tears in until I was home, but I didn't get one single word the professor said after reading that mail.
  2. I knew I loved The List App (yeah, I'm still stuck on that), but having it taken away in a few days made me realize how much I actually depend on it.
  3. You guys have been with me through the biggest changes I made in my life.
  4. You were here when I did my first internship and found my dream job.
  5. You were here when I moved out.
  6. You were here when I started University.
  7. You were here when I decided to put up a blog.
  8. You were here when I fell in love for the first time and when I got my heart broken for the first time.
  9. You were here for me whenever I needed to hear encouraging words or simply just needed to know that I wasn't alone on this giant planet.
  10. I'm curious for that mysterious next app, but even though I hope so, I'm pretty sure that the feeling of The List App Community can't be recreated, ever.
  11. So thank you all for being here.
  12. Thank you, @bookishclaire for making me join in the first place.
  13. Thank you, @Lisa_Fav and @imc for meeting and having the best fondue and raclette ever.
  14. Thank you, @theworldofann @nelly_amy and @Magalie for listening to me talk about this place for hours and joining in.
  15. Thank you @solena for the best secret Santa gift ever.
  16. Thank you, all of you, who commented on my lists, liked them, read them: you're the reason why I felt comfortable here. You're the reason all of this felt so special.
    I'm espacially thinking of @Heartsounds @Boogie @cinderstina @jhope71 @jennifergster @quixotic @DanielaM And all of those I'm forgetting right now (My mind is still not working straight again, I'm sorry)
  17. Let's please stay in touch!
  18. IG: @maike.buecheler
  19. Twitter: @may4la
  20. Or let's be pen pals - write me an email: mayla.story@gmail.com
  21. I love you.