As fuck. I couldn't get myself to write that n the title though.
  1. Of the not-so-new-anymore notifications.
    What's the rule behind them? No lists for three weeks and BAM everyone gets notified? I don't post lists very regularly, so will everyone always get a notification when I do post something? Oh my god, that's too much pressure! If everyone knows it's there it has to be extra good, hasn't it? Can I handle this? HELP!
  2. Of losing my friends.
    We all move to new towns and I know it's normal to not keep in touch with everyone but I love them too much. I don't wanna lose even one of them.
  3. Of not getting an apartment in city I'm starting to study in NEXT MONTH.
    I'm so damn late with this. Well, I know I hadn't much luck for the first one or two weeks, but still... I'm going to Saarbrücken this weekend to finally gat an apartment, but what IF I DON'T?
  4. Because I'm moving away from home.
    What if I screw up? Like everything? And my parents won't be just half an hour max away to help but five fucking hours?
  5. Because I'm starting University NEXT FUCKING MONTH!
    And I have no idea what the heck awaits me there.
  6. Because I don't know what I'm feeling anymore.
    Am I happy? Sad? Scared? Desperate? Angry? Insert-all-of-the-feelings-you-can-think-of?
  7. (I'm sorry if you got a notification for this. If you didn't, great!)
    (But what if everyone did? Oh gosh, I need to stop thinking about it...)