1. Tomorrow in a week (I can't believe it's already that close!) I'll be on my way to a small village near Versaille, where I'll be working as an Au-Pair for the next two months.
  2. It's my first time working as an Au-Pair and I'm so stoked!
  3. My host family are: an engineer. A teacher, a 4 year old girl, a 6 year old boy and a 8 year old boy.
  4. For the last few days I've constantly been thinking about what I can give to them as presents. But I still have no idea.
  5. So please List App, I'm pretty sure you have amazing ideas or maybe can tell me what you got your host family?
  6. The girl likes everything Disney, especially Frozen. The oldest boy is into sports, especially soccer. The other boy is very creative, he likes to read and invent his own stories.
  7. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions!
  8. Thanks!