1. I wanted to donate blood for quite some time, but I was always too scared to go on my own.
  2. So when a friend of mine told me she was going this afternoon, I asked if she would take me with her.
    Of course she said yes and so we went.
  3. Everything went fine.
  4. They tested if I was allowed to and then took my blood. And when they told me that I could get up, I did.
  5. And I was fine. I honestly was. I stood up slowly, no headache, no dizziness, nothing.
  6. I took a few steps, still quite perfect.
  7. I leaned down to get my stuff, still felt normal.
  8. And actually really good about myself because I realised that I did just do something good even though I was a little afraid to do so and that felt like a great accomplishment to me.
  9. I went back upstairs, chatted a little with my friend who was already waiting. Nothing exceptional.
  10. Then I went to fill out one last form. When I made the last x, I noticed feeling a little dizzy, as if I had gotten up too fast in the morning. I looked up at the wall, focused on one point, it went away.
  11. I put the pen away, took the form, turned around, and next thing I know: I'm lying on the floor, three nurses around me and the back of my head hurting a little because I fell.
  12. They all seemed so scared! And I actually still felt good, besides the thing with my head and my fingers trembling a little because I was shocked that I actually fainted, I felt really good.
  13. I always imagined fainting as this big scary experience that is going to mark you for life, but to me it wasn't.
  14. I was really surprised realizing I fainted because it felt more like having a great idea for a book while staring out the window.
  15. That might be the only thing that really scared me: that it felt good.
  16. And that while realizing I just fainted, I wished I would do so again. Because I didn't want to wake up yet.
  17. Is that weird?
  18. My friend told me she felt bad about taking me with her and then me having such a bad first experience. I told her not to.
  19. Because it didn't feel like a bad experience. At all.
  20. And I don't think that it is going to keep me from donating blood again.
  21. Doing that really made me feel good about myself and it is such a simple action that might safe someone else's life.
  22. So if you can, I encourage you all to go donate your blood.
  23. And please don't be afraid because I fainted - I'm not and you probably won't.