1. To my former german teacher: OXO - Olivia Somerlyn or Mean - Taylor Swift
    https://youtu.be/mqzIEqxnIqw She nearly made me give up on writing. But here I am, enjoying it more than ever.
  2. To my best friend who's always there fo anyone else but not for herself: Alena - Alex G
  3. To that same friend who is amazing but to afraid to show it: Charlotte - Alex G
  4. To my parents: Ich hab dich lieb - LaFee
  5. All of my friends: You're the reason why - Victoria Justice
  6. To those friends of mine who do what their parents tell them instead of doing what they want to do: It's not right for you - The Script
  7. To anyone who asks me to tell him about me: Nervous Girls and Road Between - Lucy Hale
  8. To my 12 to 14 year old self and my 14 year old friend/sister: Try - Colbie Caillat (or the cover MAX did)
  9. To the friend I lost: Ich trink auf dich - Mark Forster
  10. To anyone telling me that I'm currently waisting my life (Hi grandma!): We roam - Lena
  11. To that friend who was desperately looking for a boyfriend: Princess Role Models (better known as A Disney Musical ft. Frozen) - AVByte
  12. To all those amazing artists who put all their heart in their music and make me feel better: Thank you for the music - ABBA