Let's visit the Palace of Versailles together!

And its gardens.
  1. Look, it's beautiful! But look how long the waiting line is...
  2. It's golden!
  3. Meet Louis XIV
  4. The War Room
  5. The Galery of Mirrors
    Beautiful. Hey you, Tourist! You're in my way!
  6. Council Study
    Where the king met with his Ministers to tell them how he wants things to be.
  7. The King's Bedroom
    Where Louis XIV lived from 1701 until his death in 1715. (Sorry for the crappy picture)
  8. The Bull's-Eye Room
    Guess where it's got its name from. Visitors had to wait here before being admitted to the king's bedroom.
  9. Antichambre of the great dining hall
    (Not sure if that's the real name though...
  10. King's Guard Room
  11. The marmor staircase
  12. And then...
    My visit was already over because the other parts of the Palace were closed that day.
  13. Since it didn't rain yet, I decided to visit the garden and the park.
    On the picture you can see the Orangerie.
  14. The Ball Room
    Sadly, the fountain was turned off when I got there.
  15. The Mirror Pool
  16. The Colonade's Grove
    The statue is Pluton kidnapping Proserpina
  17. The famous Apollo Fountain when turned off.
  18. Enceladus Grove
    Really quiet and beautiful. I actually really liked this place.
  19. Then I took a walk to the Grand Trianon.
  20. The mirror room
  21. The Empress' Bedroom
  22. The Salon of the Chapel
  23. Salon rond
  24. Salon de famille de l'Empereur
  25. Chambre de la reine des Belges
  26. Salon de Famille
  27. Salon des Malachites
    The furniture was a gift from Alexander 1st of Russia to Napoleon
  28. Salon frais
    The "Cool salon"
  29. Thr Cabinet topographique de l'empereur
    This is where Napoleon installed his library in 1810.
  30. The Cotelle-Gallery
  31. Them I went to the Small Trianon.
  32. It's chapel.
  33. I love the old Harp!
  34. The Queen's Bedroom
  35. Billardroom
  36. Then I went to Marie Antoinette's Hamlet
    I'm really proud of myself that I found it without getting lost. And this is the pat I enjoyed most during my visit. It's like a small beautiful village.
  37. The Mill
  38. The Gardener's House
  39. The Farmer's House
  40. Then I got a little lost on my way back. But I met an elderly german couple, who were really nice and we found our way together. As it turned out, they live just a few kilometers away from me in Germany.
    Best part about it: when it started to rain for the first time that afternoon, he shared his umbrella with me so I didn't even get wet. Thanks again!
  41. Now back to the Gardens.
    The Apollo Fountain when it's on.
  42. The Obelisc
  43. Apollo's Bath Grove
  44. Theatre Grove
  45. Three Fountain Grove
  46. The Pyramid
  47. Water Walk
  48. Dragon Fountain
  49. Triumphal Arch Grove
  50. And... That's it. I did it! My feet and back hurt and my socks were wet, but I did it!
  51. In the end, I can say the Gardens are really beautiful, bit the Palace itself wasn't really worth it. The Big and Small Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Hamlet were more beautiful.
  52. And the Audioguide wasn't that great either.
  53. All in all, I think I prefer the Palace of Fontainebleau.
    You'll see why in my next list.