I can't believe I'm already back home in Germany. I honestly don't know where the past few weeks went - they flew by too fast!
  1. Times the children made me laugh
  2. Why I was like "What the Hell?" when I saw my Mum in the kitchen
  3. How amazing it is seeing someone read Harry Potter for the first time ⚡
    ️(And see him falling for it immediately)
  4. How I (don't) decide where to go to University
  5. What I've been up to on my Birth-weekend
  6. French Words I learned this year so far
  7. France, we're going to kick your ass!
    (Or not, as I know now...)
  8. It's not our fault! Blame Italy!
  9. Things I want to do before returning home
  10. What I need to do as soon as I get back to Germany
    This is the only list in this list that I've actually written a draft for...
  11. Goodbye-Gift ideas
  12. Why I can't wait to get back to France though I'm not even home yet
    France, I'll miss you 🇫🇷