Since so many of you seemed so interested in this and since I really wanted to do it... Here it is!
  1. I was inspired to start a bullet journal back in September when I read @morganlynnperry 's list: What's A Bullet Journal and Why You Should Start One
    I decided to start one as soon as I'd start university because I felt that my school planners wouldn't work for that anymore. Plus, I was tired of carrying at least two notebooks and a planner around with me all the time and hoped that a bullet journal would end this.
  2. And it did. It's now the only thing I always carry around with me. (Besides my phone maybe.
    When I went out for the first time with the new people I met in class, they were like: why do you take it with you tonight? I didn't really get the question. I mean, I might need it, isn't that reason enough?
  3. I use a non-expensive, ordinary ring book that I wrapped in this cool leather jacket I bought in Istanbul more than two years ago.
    I just found that a ring book suits my needs better because I can fold it down completely, which makes writing on my knees a lot easier and it automatically has space to store my pen. (And no, usually I don't carry all of that stuff with me and the bujo, just a simple pen is usually enough. The rest I use to create the pages at home).
  4. This bullet journal is my second one because the first one was full after my first semester and I plan on using this one for my second semester.
  5. I start with the key on the back of the cover, because I had space there and that way I can easily flip back to it.
    I copied most of it from Morgans list, the rest I added after some time because I felt like I needed it.
  6. Then I've got a front page with my personal info so that the bullet journal could find its way back to me in case I forget it somewhere.
  7. Then I've got the obligatory index. For now it's not complete because I haven't finished creating all the pages yet. I'll add the info whenever there's a new page ready.
  8. Then there's an overview about all of the months in the bujo. It's pretty small so I already decided that in my next one I'll spread it over two pages.
    Because yes, there is going to be a next one. I can't imagine organising my life without it anymore.
  9. After that I start to break down the months.
    Sorry for the horribly cropped pictures. My Android phone won't allow me to upload non-square pictures. 😑 I hope you still get the idea.
  10. Most people call this a Habit Tracker. I don't, as you can see even though I'm not sure if "monthly habits" is an appropriate title for this page. But I like the sound of it better than "Habit Tracker".
    On the page afterwards I want to write down when, how and where I spent how much money. It's pretty simple and therefore not worthy of its own picture.
  11. This is one of my favorite pages. The title is "Goutte de soleil" Because that sounds more beautiful to me than the English "Sun Droplets" or the German "Sonnentropfen". Every day I write down something that made me grateful or smile on that day.
    I usually only use one to three words for that and what I write varies from stuff I've seen on the bus over people I've met to how I spent my time that day.
  12. This review page is a page I didn't have in my first bujo. I wanna complete it during the month and at the end if the month. In that way, I'll have a quick overview.
  13. Then I start breaking down the weeks. They all get this one overview page before I start creating pages for every single day.
    "Ausblick" means outlook in English I think. And yes, if you haven't noticed yet, I create my bujo pages using three different languages. I chose whatever language pops first to my mind or the one that sounds mist beautiful to me in this particular case.
  14. Every day I note what I have to do, where I have to go... So this part is mostly planner and To-do-list and makes up the most part of my bullet journal.
    In my first bujo, it was very simplistic and I usually wrote the next week while waiting for my English teacher to start class in a few minutes. But I decided to up my game a bit and make the pages look more artsy. It takes a lot of time but I really enjoy doing it.
  15. I always leave the left page empty when breaking down the days so that I have space to journal (when I want to), sketch, quickly write down a new idea... In short, so that there's space for all of the stuff I can't predict but still need to write down somewhere.
    In this bujo, I only used this one left page so far. I'm really proud of the way it turned out, even if I copied the drawing from a picture on the Internet. This was just a feeling that I needed to get rid of, and my bujo was the perfect place to do so. But I don't think that I'll always make the left page look this amazing. I think today it's going to be just a simple journal entry.
  16. This pattern is the same for every day, week and month, with just some varying colors. After May I decided not to continue this, but take a few pages long break, since it's going to be the half time point in this bujo.
    I want to use this level 10 page to see how happy I am with certain aspects of my life at that point and then be able to improve everything I'm not happy with yet until the end of the semester.
  17. It is followed by this page, where I plan on tracking which new (to me) movies I watch this semester.
  18. And another of my favorite pages where I'm going to track my reading.
  19. What I love so much about bullet journaling is that it is 100 % me. I can design it however I want and fill it with whatever I want.
    I use it as my planner, to-do-list, notebook, journal, and for everything else I might need.
  20. I prefer it over the usual journaling because I can use it for all of the other stuff as well and I don't feel pressured to journal every day.
  21. I'm still not sure if what I do is really bullet journaling but it's what I need right now and what works for me.
  22. And I love it.
    I really do.
  23. And that's all I've got to say about it now. Thank you so much for showing interest in this and even encouraging me to write this list!! 💕