It makes me go insane!!
  1. I'm okay. I'm just too tired to write any fiction when I come home after a day of work at the journal.
  2. My dreams are getting bizarre - I mean, more than they already were.
  3. I'm always daydreaming. Scenes and dialogues from characters I haven't written about yet are always in my mind. It's getting hard to concentrate.
    I kinda love this phase. It shows me that I'm still creative and that my imagination is still there. That's very important to me, because I lost it for a few months last year. It made me go crazy not having any new ideas.
  4. I get nervous. I can't hold my fingers still. I'm always moving. It's getting impossible to concentrate.
  5. I finally sit down to write again. That's usually the moment I forget all the ideas I had in stage 3.