1. I'm an only child.
  2. But I have two sisters.
  3. One is older, the other one is younger than me.
  4. Their names are Mag (20) and Amy (14).
    They're @Magalie and @nelly_amy on here.
  5. I've known Mag since I was four years old.
    She's french and lives near Paris. She used to visit me every year for four weeks in summer, which was always the highlight of my year. We also did an exchange program together. Since then we see each other more often, visiting two or three times each year.
  6. Amy is rather knew to my family.
    We met a few years ago. Like Mag and I, she's an only child. We get along great and I just started to look at her like my sister at some point of time.
  7. I've got a couple of great - and I mean great in the lifechanging-laughing-and-crying-together-kind-of-friends, but these two are different from the rest.
  8. I trust them completely and I know they would never let me down. And I hope they know that I'll always be there for them, no matter what.
  9. Thank you for being in my life. ❤️