I'm sorry it took me so long to write this list. It was just so hard to decide!
  1. That one summer.
  2. Where my french friend (read: sister) visited me for the whole month of August, just like she did every other year as well.
  3. And where my best friend who lived just next door, practically lived at my place for those four weeks as well.
  4. We wanted to have one sleepover, but then it was two and three and four...
  5. Sometimes she went home for dinner or lunch, sometimes she ate with us.
  6. We three spent almost the entire summer together.
  7. We all slept in my room. And just like you do on a real sleepover, we stayed awake way past our bedtime every night.
  8. We spent hours talking or playing card games or watching a movie in secrecy.
    Have you ever tried to play a game of Happy families with just one flashlight? It's not as easy as it sounds.
  9. And the days, we spent at the beach.
  10. There was not much special about those moments. We were just together and happy and we didn't have to worry about school, work, money, the future... We were just children. I miss that.
  11. And that's why I chose this memory out of all those happy ones I have.
  12. I could have chosen one of our trips to the Legoland. Or the first time I met my french friend. Or the moment I realized that I didn't simply like reading but loved it. Or the afternoon my grandma wasn't there to take care of me and my grandpa had to and since he didn't know how to cook, he took me to a takeaway place.
  13. Or any other memory I have. I could have chosen them, but I didn't. I chose this one.
  14. Because it's special to me. Even though it's the memory of just another ordinary summer.