Inspired by @samanthastone Truly being myself, at least to me, is always connected to a special kind of happiness. I listed all of the places where I've ever felt this way.
  1. My room in my parents house when my favorite music is playing
  2. In the gymnasium when it is all dark and noone else is there
  3. On my grandmas balcony
  4. Behind the wall, at the end of the lakeside promenade of my hometown, with my feet in the water
  5. With my favorite fictional characters
  6. Paris
    The whole city. I love it.
  7. At a reading, when Kerstin Gier, one of my favorite authors, looked me in the eyes and smiled
  8. With my very best friends
    That's what I love most about them.
  9. At the editorial office where I am currently working, after I've had a great day
  10. At dance rehearsal
    Especially when we're not rehearsing...
  11. My favorite bookstore
  12. List App
  13. In my old School
    If I meet my former english teacher, the cafeteria employee or some other awesome people
  14. At the playground around the corner of my childhood home, swinging.
  15. Everywhere, as long as I am writing
  16. Or reading.