It's been months since I discovered this wonderful place and I still have a lot of questions.
  1. First things first: Is it "The List App" or just "List App"?
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    I saw "List App" a lot when I was new here, but now I rather think it's "The List App" since that's what my home screen tells me. Help, please?
  2. On being german: Are there any other germans on here except @sarvin, @Elisabeth and me??
    Who did I miss on?? Tell me, I wanna follow them!!
  3. Am I the only one to save everything as a draft first?
    I know that there's no reason to do so, but I still feel insecure about publishing my thoughts right away.
  4. All those "My favorite ..."-lists: how do you guys manage to do them?
    I always try and then save them to my drafts for ever because I'm too afraid of having forgotten something.
  5. That new image search function: If I just take pictures from the internet, aren't there any Copyright problems??
  6. When is an Android version to come?
    Please, I need this! I love this app but none of my friends is using Apple! (Or they're too lazy to update to the required iOs-version). Let me share the love!
  7. Is it okay to love B.J. Novak just for this app?
    I don't know "The Office" (like many other TV-Series you all keep talking about - there's a lot I need to catch up on) and I haven't read one of his books - yet (I'm planning on getting "The book with no pictures" as soon as possible). But I kinda love him for helping create such a wonderful place like "(The) List App".