... And why I'm still here. I know that a lot of people already did this kind of list, but I still feel like I need to share my reasons as well.
  1. I read her post about List App on bookriot, loved the idea, downloaded the app and well, here I am.
  2. Noone here knows me but I still feel like I can say whatever is on my mind.
    Usually that's a feeling reserved for my two best friends. But on List App it's just as simple.
  3. People here are so creative.
    Usually I get kind of jealous (even though I think this is more like an anger towards myself that I'm not capable of this rather than anger towards them) if I see that soneone is writing great stuff or making great sketches or whatever. Here I'm just gratefull that they share it with the world (and with me).
  4. Variety.
    Usually you have to decide if you want to write about personal stuff or books and if you want to be funny or thoughtfull and soone when you get on a new social network. On List App, I can create one funny list about books, then a list about my everyday life and a list like this one and nobody's going to judge me for it. Love it.
  5. I'm kind of addicted to it now
    I don't have to explain. You all know the feeling.