1. I know it's been a long time since I last posted anything on here.
    I haven't even been that active at all actually.
  2. But I miss it. So I decided to come back.
    Let's see how long I can keep up.
  3. I think the last time you really heard from me was like september? October? So here's what happened to me since then.
  4. I moved.
    And I don't think that I've mastered living alone quite yet.
  5. I did my first semester at university.
    I didn't get my exam results yet, so I can't say I passed it... We'll see.
  6. I rewrote that story I can't seem to finish for the hundredth and hundred and first time.
    I thought a lot about publishing it too, but I didn't come to a decision yet. Maybe I'll write a list about it.
  7. I started bullet journaling and am currently working on my second bullet journal.
    There is definetly a list to come about this. I love it too much to not share it. And I'm really proud of the way my new one turned out so far, so maybe I wanna brag a little about it as well.
  8. I met a whole new bunch of people that are all great in their own way.
  9. And well... that's mostly it I think.
  10. We'll see how this whole "I wanna list more again" thing goes.
  11. Have a nice Sunday! !
  12. (To make sure you have, here's a picture of my cat:)